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1 GUIDE TO 99 WOOD CUTTING on Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:14 pm

okay as you all now this is a guide to 99 woodcutting.

how to start:

Get an axe from nurmof preferably rune. ( you can wear rune without 40 defence, so basically you can wear it even if your a level 3 ) to get started cut the tree at home. the one that is standing lonely.

after you get full inventory go to the bank :]

get your woodcutting to 15 and cut Oak Trees just west of catherby.

then when you get full invent just go to the bank east of where you are cutting.Get to 30 and cut Willow Trees.

one place to cut willows are in draynor.but if u want a faster place theres some near Catherby
you can just cut there and teleport to cathy for a bank Cool

Maple trees can be found in camelot west of catherby. they are orange trees

there are some infront of camelot bank and some at the back. so its gonna be easy for you to go up and down. get your woodcutting to 60 and go to Yew trees.

Yew trees can be found South near home. when you see those tree icons on the map they are usually yew trees or magic trees.

get your woodcutting to 75 and cut magic trees.

Magic trees can be found around gnome tree stronghold. talk to pirate jackie the fruit. when you get there, there will be a agility course. dont go there.. roam around and you can see icons of trees. theres a bank there too so yeah. :]

get your woodcutting to 75 to 99 by cutting magic trees.

hopfully it helps you


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